Applicants for certification, certified organisations and other interested third parties may appeal against a decision made by RSI. These should be made in writing to RSI’s head office address.

On receipt of an appeal, RSI shall follow its Appeal process – this is available on request. RSI is responsible for all decisions at all levels of this process.

Submission, investigation and decision on appeals shall not result in any discriminatory action against the appellant.

Receipt to Hearing

RSI will acknowledge receipt of the appeal, and forward to an Impartiality Committee member for validation. The appellant may be contacted for more information.

If the appeal is deemed valid, an appeal hearing will be scheduled for within 30 days of appeal receipt.


At the hearing, a final decision will be made based on the evidence submitted. The results of similar appeals are also taken into account.
Prior to the final decision being made, the original decision made by RSI will stand.
The appellant will be informed in writing of the final decision within 7 days of the decision being made, and given formal notice that the appeal is now closed. Depending on if there are outstanding actions to be completed by either party, this may be two separate communications.