Re-Branded Certificates and Marks of Conformity

To reflect a broader range of certification services and the true nature of global Certification, the RSI certificate and mark of conformity has been re-branded. It is important to note that the recognition of your certification is unaffected and those certificates and marks previously issued under RSI and remain valid until certified clients have made their transition.

RSI have commenced issuing new branding across all issued certificates and marks of conformity from the November 2016 and this integration will be completed as clients move through their annual audit programme; where RSI will issue your new certificate(s) and mark(s).

Please ensure that marketing information e.g. brochures, website, emails are, in due course updated to reflect these changes. RSI acknowledges that some clients may have invested in large scale print material with the previous branding; we encourage clients to transition as soon as this is practical for your business or organisation.

The RSI assurance mark is a valuable marketing tool that you can use to promote your certification, offering your company a competitive advantage. Promoting the standard that you have been certified to, builds trust with your customers and differentiates you from your competitors.

The RSI mark is for organisations whose management systems have met or exceeded the requirements of the application standard.

Tell your customers about your commitment to achieving and maintaining excellence by using the RSI assurance mark. It’s an internationally recognised mark that represents quality, reliability and continual improvement.

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