We want a quote; can you arrange this?

Yes, please complete the application form(s) we send to you, then we can complete an accurate quote.

Why do you need company information?

Accurate and detailed information about your company is important so we can prepare your audit programme which forms the basis of your quote (proposal).

Will the information I provide you be secure?

We respect and protect the privacy of our clients. To help protect the privacy of data and personal information we collect and hold, we maintain physical, technical and administrative safeguards. For more information refer to our Privacy Policy.

We have two businesses, can they be certified at the same time?

This is possible when both businesses share the same joint management system, we will discuss this on a case by case basis. If each business is governed by a separate management system then we will recommend a separate audit, therefore a separate certification would be issued.

How quickly can my company get certified?

This depends mostly on how prepared your company is for the certification process, in particular you should have a fully established management system (compliant to your chosen standard(s)). The timeline for your specific certification will be openly discussed once we have reviewed your application, but as a general rule, you should allow a minimum of 3-6 months to complete the initial certification processes.

Our client needs proof we’re in the process of getting certified, can you give us a letter?

If you have completed your Stage 1 audit, then your audit report (issued by RSI) will be sufficient as evidence that your company is in progress of attaining certification.

We want to transfer from another certification body, what are the steps?

When a transfer of certification is envisaged from one Certification Body to another, RSI as the accepting Certification Body shall follow its process for obtaining sufficient information to enable a decision on certification to be made. Organisation’s holding certifications that are not covered or issued by an accredited certification body shall be seen as new applicants. Eligible transfers will need to apply, be reviewed (consisting of documentation review and an onsite verification visit), and if successful certification will be granted.

Can you provide a copy of the Standard?

RSI are bound by the legal licence agreement under which we have purchased our copies of the Standards, which means unfortunately we cannot freely distribute copies of the Standards. Your company will have to purchase its own licensed copy. We do however provide clients self-assessment checklists which will help in your audit preparations.

Can you help with our management system documentation?

As part of your ongoing client support, RSI provides non-technical/ non-consulting support through your Client Manager and our Technical Team. However, to ensure impartiality, RSI does not offer specialist consultancy services. If your company needs additional help with management system documentation or implementation, then we recommend you engage and experienced consultant in this area.

We need a consultant/training, can you help?

RSI is not affiliated with consultants or any consultancy companies and does not advocate that engaging certain consultants will result in you ‘getting certified quicker’. We may be able to put you in touch with a local consultant if you enquire with our office.

How do we know if we are ready to start our certification process?

We will be able to ascertain your level of readiness by your application and give you honest feedback if you need to complete further preparation before engaging RSI. As a guide you should plan to have your management system at least 80% implemented before moving forward with a stage 1 audit.

How long after completing our Stage 1 audit, do we need to do our Stage 2?

There is a maximum of 12 month allowed between your stage1 and stage 2 audit, however most clients are ready to complete their stage 2 audit within 3-6 months.

Why do you need to visit sites other than our head office?

Site of your organisation (both permanent and temporary) that you intend to have covered by the certification, must be visited. Your audit programme will ensure that all site are visited over the course of your certification cycle.

We have temporary regional operational sites, do these need to be visited as part of the audit?

Yes, its quite normal for regional sites to be visited if they are covered by the certification. RSI will plan the logistical arrangements with you team in advance of the audit.

Can I have the same auditor as last year/how are auditors selected?

Whilst is not something we are required to guarantee under our certification rules, RSI does when possible and appropriate allocate the same auditor to your ongoing audits. Auditor are matched to the clients based on many criteria such as the auditor’s level of training, knowledge and experience.

How do we add another Standard to our current certification?

If you have expanded your management system and would like to now gain certification recognition for this, then simply contact our office and we will provide you with the application form(s) for the standard which you are interested in. Well explain the process of adding and maintaining multiple certifications.

We’ve expanded our business to include a new activity/location, do you need to know?

Yes, part of your obligations are to inform RSI immediately of changes like this as we need to consider how this may affect our audit planning.

We’ve had changes to our business structure/ownership, do you need to know?

Yes, part of your obligations is to inform RSI immediately of changes of structure or ownership immediately as this may affect your certification.

We’ve moved address/changed our telephone number, so do we need to tell you?

Yes, part of your obligations is to inform RSI immediately of changes like this as we need to keep your details up to date. Also, if your principal place of business has changed its relevant to your audit programme.