Implementing a Reliable Management System

Understanding the Elements of ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is globally the most widespread Quality Management System Standard. Contained within this ongoing blog is a guide comprising a set of requirements based on industry best practice. They assist organisations’ in operating (QMS) Quality Management Systems that are built around the following 8 management principles, which if implemented within your organisation can help improve efficiency, enhance your organisations’ business relationships and reduce industry costs.

1. Customer Focus

Your organisation must understand current and future needs of your customers. This will assist you in meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations.

2. Systems Approach to Management

By managing solid and consistent processes within your management system you will noticeably find your organisation is more capable of achieving its goals and objectives.

3. Leadership

Establishing good leaders is paramount in achieving goals and objectives. Holding strong leadership for your company can lead to a very efficient work environment.

4. Consistent Improvement

Regular review of procedures will improve the way your organisation operates; with this consistent review you will be more proficient and adaptable in dealing with any future challenges.

5. Engagement of Staff

Your staff are extremely valuable and play an integral part in your organisation becoming successful. It is essential to be engaged with them while utilising their skills to reach their maximum potential thus thriving their involvement within the company.

6. Accurate Methods to Decision Making

Enabling you to make calculated and accurate business decisions you will need to utilise the information from your organisations processes and procedures

7. Procedure Methods

Established from making accurate decisions, the best way to achieve this is to make sure that you manage and deliver clear business process and procedures which will ensure you to achieve your organisations’ goals.

8. Supplier Relationships

It is important to establish ethical and solid relationships with your suppliers. Holding such integrity will lead your organisation towards success and equal mutual benefits for both you and your supplier.

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